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Silver x launch new music album; Belidi jemil

By Adia Jildo

South Sudanese artist Okuta Ceaser Malish Jeremiah best known with his stage name Silver X has launched a new debut album with four collaboration and 12 singles, Saturday.

The sensational artist said his new album is exceptional as the songs are a blend of all creativity that has a place for all groups of people.

“ I thought of the album that will make a meaning  different for the rest of the other albums,” he attested, “ I thought I needed to work on something but I had to look at the culture we have, look at the beauty of the land and create out something and we came up with this an album.” Siver Xtra noted.

The Beledi jemil hit maker said his 16th albums was made to create awareness to the world about South Sudanese music and their diverse cultures.

“In 2016, I was already venturing into changing the music trend of SSD because I did in 2010. I was meant to set another trend which is the afro music which was really slow for South Sudan,” he said.

Silver X however cited that despite the slow adoption of the genre, the young artist have picked the genre and put efforts to make it more entertaining.

The singer has now released his 16 album since his start of music in 2007 in which he had won 65 national and international awards and recognitions.

Singer Silver x called on artist to follow up his footsteps to make it big into the industry as it takes efforts and creativity which he said is lacked by many.

“This is an album that has set up a label that if you as an artist want to speak about dropping an album should do,” he boasted of his new album.

The Music machine added that he will continue to aspire and inspire young artists and the future for a better music in the industry in the country.

“I feel this album is based on the situation of the country, I believe this album is to bring us as a country together,” Silver lamented.

The new released album featured artist like Cocosan, Hardlyfe Avenue stars, Spice Diana, Navy Gabana and Nisha Kiss in the 4 collaborations the singer had talked of.

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