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Artists union calls off Lakes state ‘peace concert’ 

By William Madouk Garang

Lake states artists’ union in Juba has blamed Achai Wiir and Promoter Kay Two for not consulting the artists’ body on the preparation of together for peace concert slated to be performed in Rumbek.

John Kacuol Makuei, the acting chairperson for Lakes State Artists Union, complained that the Union was kept in the dark during the preparation and therefore called off the said peace concert.

“The preparation is supposed to be done in collaboration with Lakes State Artists’ Union. You cannot do any event without the concerned body in the state. As artists’ Union at the state, it is our duty to be involved in all activities related to music,” Makuei said in a statement dated January 5, 2023.

“But your case (promoters), you have been ignoring our existence which is a recognized body by the state. For your (Achai Wiir and Promoter K2) information you cannot conduct the peace concert without our approval,” he added.

Makuei also known as John K one, explained that his union is not against individuals or peace concert promotion. However, they are not happy for being undermined.

“If Artists’ Union has no function, it would have not been formed in the first place and what you are doing is undermining our body, it would not happen at our watch dear,” he stressed.

Nonetheless, he acknowledged the great work the duo is doing in the music industry despite disappointment by the organization processes.

Makuei lamented that efforts to reach Achai Wiir to solve the issue before the actual time as stakeholder were not answered.

“We failed to understand up to now. You (Achai Wiir) ignored our request in meeting you.  Understand that not everyone who requested your presence is a beggar,” he vented.

“We will only listen when this issue is solved. Otherwise, let the peace concert be conducted in other states and exclude Lakes State from your programs,” he concluded. 

K2 promotion company has planned to conduct ‘together for peace concert’ in states such as Western Bahr el Ghazal’s capital Wau, Northern Bahr el Ghazal’s capital Aweil and Lakes State’s capital Rumbek between January and February this year.

Achai Wiir and Promoter Kay 2 were not immediately available for comments on the disagreement with the union.

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