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Sick dog bites six in Aweil

By Hou Akot Hou

A dog believed to be rabies-infected has reportedly bitten six people in the Apada area of Aweil town, Northen Bahar El Ghazel state, on Wednesday.

Acting director general for the Ministry of Health, Peter Dut Thiep, said on Thursday that the dog-bite scenarios have become a worrisome condition for Aweil residents.

Dut put the number of people bitten by dogs at 725 since January.

“Six other individuals have been bitten as of late. This is why we tell people to be on the lookout for wild dogs,” he advised.

Dut said dog owners should take precautions to abide by and vaccinate their beasts so that they are rabies-free.

“Dogs are overpopulating the town and residential areas, and due to hunger, they easily get mad. As you know, vaccines are scarce. Please devise better methods of protecting yourselves from dog bites,” he cautioned the public.

He said they are working hard with partners such as the World Health Organization, to support the affected people with vaccines that are not easily accessible.

Reports of dog bites have become common in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State. Recently a dozen people were bitten in Wadwil refugee camp by a dog believed to be rabies infected.

Dut appealed to the Ministry of Wildlife and Animal Resources to devise a way of taming the dogs.


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