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Returnees receive clothes

By Manas James

Minister of Information and Communication for Jonglei State, Elizabeth Nyadak John donated 55 kgs of clothes to returnees who have sought refuge in Bor town.

The donation was made on September 11, 2023, at Digrot area, where the returnees are currently stationed.

Accompanied by her ministry’s director-general, Mhamad Chuol Peter, the minister expressed gratitude to the returnees for their understanding of the nation’s challenges during this critical time.

She encouraged them to remain patient with the limited assistance they are receiving from donors and well-wishers, assuring them of stability in the near future.

“While in Uganda, I felt that it would be necessary to take some clothes to our returnees. I came with 55 kgs of clothes. We distributed them to more than 200 individuals. The majority of them are children,” she said.

Elizabeth also appealed to NGOs and citizens at large to extend their support to the returnees, particularly in terms of providing food items.

She emphasized that children and the elderly among the returnees were suffering from a lack of sufficient food and medicine.

“These people are really suffering. I am appealing to our partners to come to their help. They need food and health services.”

The Director-General, echoing the Minister’s sentiments, stressed the importance of such initiatives in alleviating the suffering of the returnees.

He emphasized that charity should begin within our own community before seeking help from external sources.

He further stated that food, clothes, medicine, and education should be the primary priorities for the returnees to ensure their full integration into society.

The returnees expressed their appreciation to the State Government for their continuous support since their arrival from Sudan.

They were especially grateful for the surprise visit by the Minister and the Director-General, considering it more valuable than the material support itself.

The returnees believe that having their living conditions acknowledged and their concerns heard holds great significance.


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