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Businessman stabs teenager in Abyei

By Hou Akot Hou


The chairperson of Aweil Union Abeyi, Abraham Ariath claimed that a teenager, Aguer Garang Aguer, was stabbed by an Arab businessman in Amieet market, Abyei Administrative Area, last week.

Aguer, a retailer from Aweil, reportedly had a business dispute with the suspect whose identity remains concealed.

“The report that I got is that he had a quarrel with an Arab man who is in Abyei and he came from Sudan and settled there seeking for work and he got stabbed in the process,” said Ariath.

Aguer is said to be in critical condition at an Abyei hospital, receiving treatment from MSF medics.

The alleged perpetrator is being detained, and the peace committee is awaiting Aguer’s recovery for further investigation and court proceedings.

Ariath appeals to Aguer’s family and well-wishers for support as he awaits medical release and legal action.

“The well-wishers need to do something about the condition of the boy as the doctors are working hard to save his life.” He added.

He further appeals to the relatives, and parents of the boy who have not heard the information to come for his rescue as he awaits to be released from the sick bed in the hospital till court case is pursued.

Meanwhile area residents remain anxious due to reports of attackers who are reportedly waylaying people in the bushes at night in Abyei’s neighborhoods.

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