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Orphans receive Easter gift

By James Innocent


Kikiji National Orphanage Center in Yei County on Friday received a donation of scholastic materials and clothing from well-wishers.

Victoria Kija, a tailor based in the United States, one of the founder members of Kikiji National Orphanage Center, offered the donation.

Dominic Living Wawa, another founder member of the orphanage applauded Victoria Kija for a significant contribution.

He said Victoria’s dedication to supporting orphans is evident as she works diligently in the United States to ensure their well-being.

Wawa also applauded African Inland Church for providing an office for the institution within the church premises, as they lacked a designated space.

Wawa, overwhelmed with joy, tearfully acknowledged the personal sacrifice made by Victoria Kija, who selflessly invests her own money and effort to support the orphans.

Dominic urged the government and other partners to rally behind Victoria in ensuring that the children receive adequate education.

Victoria Kija explained that her mission in South Sudan was driven by a compassion for orphans.

She had brought clothes, shoes, school supplies, food, and blankets from the United States.

Kija expressed her gratitude to other well-wishers who contributed generously to support the orphans.

Each orphan is expected to receive the much-needed items, which had arrived in South Sudan after a four-month journey.

Victoria emphasized that the donation was a special Easter gift for the orphans.

Emma Meli, Inspector for Gender and Social Welfare in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State expressed heartfelt appreciation to founder members of Kikiji National Orphanage Center.

Emma also acknowledged the caregivers for their dedicated care of the children, emphasizing that it was a collective responsibility to ensure the welfare of orphans.

Justin Ramadan Augustine, an elder, expressed admiration for Kikiji National Orphanage Center’s support to the church and the orphans within the community.

He noted that some widows from the community had been employed at the orphanage center.

Justin acknowledged the centre’s resourcefulness in mobilizing funds for the orphans and extended his gratitude to Victoria Kija for providing clothes despite the high prices of goods in the market due to the exchange rate.

One of the orphans, Mobruk Samuel, expressed gratitude to God and thanked Victoria Kija for constant support they receive, which allows them to studies.

He acknowledged that there were few people genuinely helping them and promised to assist those who had supported them, including Victoria Kija and Dominic Living Wawa.


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