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Nothing is ever free

I lost my Facebook account last week. I thought it was a joke. My good friend sent me a message. She started, “Have you received some money from UNICEF PROMOTION?”

I answered, “NO.” She immediately sent the link and instructed me to tape the link and have more instructions. I stupidly obeyed the instruction. I tapped the link, and it took me to WhatsApp. Reaching WhatsApp, a man quickly texted and asked me if I needed money. He started telling me that I would never complain of money again. I asked why they were giving money to people. I also asked why I should deserve the money while I read that it was for the people of Kenya. The tricky man answered me that it was an opportunity being given to people who needs money. He mentioned the groups of the beneficiaries. They include students, teachers, widows, the impaired individuals among many vulnerable groups of people.

This will shock you! I answered the man that I was willing to receive the help. Due to my acceptance, he requested my details to do the process of sending the donation. I gave my name, phone number and my current job. After taking my details, I was asked to pay some amount to receive 10,000,000SSP. I was honest to tell the man that I didn’t have the amount he asked for. I also asked why he should demand money from me while he was about to donate money to me. He knew I discovered that trick and they could not get any money from me. He left that and told me to get a code for the money from my Facebook account. I ignorantly went to Facebook and got the code. I sent back the code to them.

I waited for about 15 minutes hoping to receive my money after sending them the code. I didn’t know that it was the code for them to change my password. They managed to change it. I was just surprised by calls from the people who had my contact. They sent the UNICEF PROMOTION thing to all my friends. Some of my friends who didn’t have the spirit of do it now, managed to call me to confirm if the message wasn’t a scam. That was when I realized my Facebook account was hacked.

Receiving the information, I logged in to my Facebook and evidently confirmed that my Facebook account was hacked. The hackers posted that I received a donation from UNICEF PROMOTION and that people should hurry to get theirs as well. They themselves commented on the post. Many of my friends blindly commented and appreciated me without knowing it wasn’t me.

I am sorry for my friends who sent a lot of money to subscribe for bigger money. They must join me in advocating that nothing is ever free! If things are to be free, why were they asked to pay money? Any person or organisation promising to give free things is a scammer! Every human is born to work.

Not believing that nothing is ever free is what makes us depend on UN or other charity organizations. We think UN or other NGOs are free-giving organizations. They are not! Any organization has an aim.

UN has a goal. Its goal is not to give free. We pay for the service it gives us though without knowing. We sell our birth right. Esau sold his birth right to Jacob. He lost his power over Jacob after selling him his birth right. Accepting to be under UN is accepting to be ruled by it. We are all vulnerable. We can’t say anything against it. UN can decide anything for us. NOTHING IS EVER FREE!

It is likewise to other organizations! They are not formed to give free services. They are formed to benefit the founders. We are just too blind not to see their hidden agendas. I was so blind not to see the hidden agenda of UNICEF PROMOTION, likewise, my friends who sent their money. Nothing is ever free.

We are indeed slaves to such organizations if we accept to depend on them. It is what I term modern slavery. The term slavery sounds very awkward. The modern slaves’ masters decided to change the term. We today have organizations. UN or any organization has the power to dedicate how any society should run. A slave has no right over his/her master. We can’t deny anything from them. To avoid slavery, accept that nothing is ever free.

Life is a mind-set. Mind-set determines how one should live. These organizations have built in us a mind-set of dependency. We all run after free things. I couldn’t consult with anyone about UNICEF PROMOTION until my Facebook account was hacked. My friends couldn’t even call me to confirm until they fell in the hands of scammers and their money gone. We all have set stories of such a mindset. My uncle has a sad story of losing 7000 USD to an organization which promised to fund his local organization. Can’t you tell your sad story?

How can we fight such a mind-set? We are so rich and we can’t realise it! We have a lot of resources, and we can’t thank God for that! We just want to live begging! Why, my people? Why can’t we depend on ourselves? Don’t we know we are created to work? Don’t we know we should only eat our sweat? Do you think enjoying someone’s sweat brings joy? Never! It’s sweet just in the mouth! It is more than bitter in the stomach! Building NOTHING IS EVER FREE mind-set will make us live free. We deserve to live free. We are free beings. We can only sell our freedom. Sell your freedom by depending on others and you will regret it. I sold my freedom to UNICEF PROMOTION and I lost my Facebook account. I also lost the trust of all my friends!

Dear reader, aren’t you joining me to say NOTHING IS EVER FREE? Many of us are not aware of scammers. Scammers are everywhere. They know we are so desperate for money. They use our vulnerability to rob us. They took my Facebook because I was desperate for money. I forgot I am better than half of the population in South Sudan. I have a secured job. A house is rented for me. I have medical insurance. I have full education security for four of my children up to the university education. How many people in South Sudan have the same privileges as I have?

Life should not be lived on complaining.  Life is well lived on contention. Complaining too much will make you live desperate. I opened my heart to big things and ignore that there are hackers who could use my account for many evil things as they did. I would have appreciated what I had had and have my account now. How could I have done that when I had been complaining all the times? My complaints which I believe are yours too are; The Dollar rate has gone so high.  Things are very expensive. We have bigger responsibilities. The school fees are raised so high. That and that……………….. When will we finish complaining? We will never! We just need to live content with the little we have and thank God! We lose direction because of complaining. We miss opportunities due to many complaints. Let’s stop complaining too much and be contented.

Life should not also be lived on urgency. There are people like myself who can’t even wait a minute. We use the philosophy that says, “Grab every opportunity.” We must go back and learn what the term opportunity means. Opportunity must be understood. Any opportunity that we don’t understand is not an opportunity. We must take enough time to understand such opportunities especially those we get through social media. Many young people through social media have lost many things. Some of them have lost their lives. Some have lost a huge amount of money. Such things happen because we don’t take time to understand opportunities. Selfishness also makes us grab the opportunity without sharing it with others. We are selfish to share the opportunity thinking they may beg us to give them some money if it is an opportunity that promises money.  Let’s be patient. “Hurry has no blessings.”

In conclusion, life should not be lived on the love of money. We don’t need to love money too much. It is not bad to have money even a lot of it, but we should not love it too much. We need to understand that we are better than money. We must know that we use money. Money doesn’t use us. We must control it. It must not control us. It must not also dictate how we should live. Live with money that comes from your sweat. Money coming from someone’s sweat will enslave you!

Oh yes, my reader. I hope you got informed. Be aware of scammers. Control your heart. Trust your own sweat. NOTHING IS EVER FREE! Believe it. Bye!!!!!!!!




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