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Not a man but a boy

He does not finish what he starts to do. Boys don’t have plans to finish anything they start to do. They can start doing something but can give up in the middle. A boy fears the test that comes on the way to his destiny.

I have heard him talking that he is a man when I know he has given up in many things. He has not finished his education. He was chased away from school by simple pressures from his teachers. His teachers didn’t have any bad intention than helping him to be successful. He had thought negatively that the teachers were against him. With that, he chose to leave the school. He is just there now with the name, “School dropout.” That name cannot be for a man. Only a boy will not think about how evil is that name. He has not only dropped out of school, he has also given up in life. He perceives the world so negative that it is not a good place for him anymore. The only thing he has chosen to do is just to do anything that may lead him to die very soon. Men finish what they have started to do but boys don’t.

He is filled with pride to the brim. Boys like boasting. Sometimes they have no reason to boast but they do it as a way of playing. They also do it to discover their new world. They are young and they have right to do so. But this guy with beards boasts! Real men don’t boast! They know pride kills like coronavirus. It brought Lucifer down on earth. It took Nebuchadnezzar, the great king of Babylon to be with wild animals for seven years. It has ruined many great leaders. Only a boy won’t see the danger in pride. Pride is the sign of immaturity. A mature man will avoid it. He lives with pride and proclaims day and night that he is a man. A man is the humble one. He understands the secret in humility. With humility you make people approach you. With humility, you comfort many broken hearts. With humility you educate generations. With humility, you accept to live as a learner. Boys live with pride, but men live with humility.

He is a slave of sex. He thinks men are created for sex. He has his wife, but he is never satisfied. He wants to go with any beautiful lady he sees. He doesn’t know sex destroys. The wise king Solomon was advised by his mother not to easily give in to sex. A man will always know he should be faithful to his wife or girlfriend. He does not jump from lady to lady. According to history, too much sex contributed to the early death of Alexander the Great. Only a boy will be a slave of sex. Boys don’t have lovers. They try every lady. They are adolescents. They can’t calculate the negative outcomes of being a slave to sex. Being a slave to sex will ruin your character. You won’t be trusted by anyone. You will waste all your money on women. You will contract sexually transmitted diseases. You will finally die. Men know the dangers of giving in to sex outside the bond of marriage and avoid it, but boys ignore!

His talks of the day are the country should go back to war. He cannot talk of peace. He only wants to hear that people are fighting in Rumbek, Bentiu, Torit, Jonglei, among others. He does not want South Sudan to have peace again. He does not even want the election to be conducted this year. He just wants the country to go back to war. This is the nature of boys. Boys like fighting. It won’t take a minute before they fight if they are put in one place. They know not the consequences of fighting. They never know people die when they fight. They don’t know fighting makes some people leave their own country and live in other countries as refugees. I was a refugee one time and I hate the name refugee. It is because of war that there are refugees in our world today. War brings many and many disadvantages. There are IDPs in the country. It was because of war. People hate each other just because of war. Real men cannot support war. They cannot spend all their time only discussing how the country can go back to war. They instead advocate for peace. They are ambassadors of peace.  Wish the country to go back to war and you are a big boy!

Though living in the 21st century, he still beats his wife. He says culture says it. Culture says a woman should be disciplined by her husband. She should be beaten for any small mistake committed. If failed to cook, beat her. If failed to give sex, beat her. If failed to obey your relatives, beat her. This man still obeys those wrong things of the culture. If he happens to marry Hon Awut Deng, the minister of Education, will he beat her? If he happens to marry Hon Nunu Kumba, will he beat her? If he happens to marry any of the great women today, do you think this cultural man will beat her? It is only a boy remaining in that culture. Real men have liberated from that culture. They have understood that women are human beings. They should not be beaten as if animals. They need to be respected. They need care. They need kindness. They only need you to talk with them. The mistakes they commit are the mistakes men commit. Being friendly with your wife will solve many things. She will respect you if you are a man. But when you are a boy, you won’t definitely understand her respect. You will interpret her good deeds negatively. You will just apply your culture and beat her. Be a man and don’t beat your wife.

Boys shout a lot! It is sad that many people think shouting is talking. Shouting is noise. It is not talking. It functions as any other noise. Many men think raising their voices when talking to children or wives or whoever is under them will make them be respected. You are not respected because you shout. You are not also understood because you shout. What I know is that boys shout a lot. They are learning how to talk. They still don’t know the difference between talking and shouting. Go to schools, you will get teachers shouting! In Africa, the teacher who shouts a lot is the best teacher. They think raising your voice so high means you have mastered the content. They don’t know the teacher is making noise in the class. Emotion remains emotion. Being emotional is just a weakness. You can’t make people understand by being emotional. Church pastors are the worst. Any preacher who doesn’t shout is not the best preacher. Congregation likes that pastor who fuels their emotions, and they feel good. They ignore the fact that emotions don’t last long. The noise made by the pastor will keep them awake during the preaching, but everything will remain where the noise has been made. Boys shout but men talk.

I was taught men don’t steal. They don’t take what is not due them.  But boys steal! They still don’t own anything. But he drives a car, why does he steal? He has a big job, why steal again? He has his wife and children, a responsible man, so why steal as if a boy? Or doesn’t he call it stealing? Taking the public money, isn’t it called stealing? Rechanneling the public fund, can’t that be named stealing? Underpaying the civil servants, doesn’t it deserve the name stealing? Using civilians’ names to sign money from somewhere that will only go to his pocket, is that not the worst stealing? Real men know what belongs to them and they take it with good faith. But boys always own what they don’t deserve.

His children don’t go to school; he says he is a man. There is no food in the house; he still boasts that he is a man. He brings children whom he doesn’t take care of. He thinks it is the responsibility of the uncles and other relatives to take care of his family. Since it is the 21st century and people have understood the budgeting system, they know no one should budget for someone’s family. He blames the uncles and relatives for not taking responsibility of his home. Boys don’t know anything about responsibility. Real men take up the responsibility of their homes.

Being a man has no connection with age. You can be 70 years old, but if you lack mental maturity, you are still a boy. The level of maturity determines whether you are a boy or a man.  Men think, but boys don’t. Men evaluate, but boys don’t. Men reason, but boys don’t. Men………. But boy ……….

I hope you like it! Are you a man or a boy?

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