Dear God, may you hear me?

By Malek Arol Dhieu

Heavenly Father, in case I may become brave in the course of praying, I’m not a soldier, you may forgive me. I’m many people in one person, don’t ignore me. I’m praying on behalf of the widows, orphans, widowers, insane, street children, sick and disabled persons, which constitute the 65th tribe of South Sudan.

You are a God of all, meaning you can listen to the small and the big. You stood with us firmly when we were liberating ourselves and when we converged on the self-determination; you stood with us even much stronger to that very extent. We almost got 100% over 100%. While transitioning from the second class citizens to the first class citizens, we fought ourselves and that’s how human life is worldwide.

When some of us reached out to you to bring an everlasting peace, you were nowhere to be found. Why God? Why did you disappear so early like that? Come back, we are finished! Aren’t you tired of receiving our souls every day in heaven? We are tired of war, corruption, tribalism, injustice and a newly discovered mode of corruption known as “preselling”.

You stinged other countries with oil, but created it in South Sudan thinking that South Sudanese would develop their country with this oil but unfortunately, the country is underdeveloped and the oil is finishing. Taxes supposed to be collected honestly and channelled to where they should be kept aren’t collected honestly, but instead, individualized. Oh God, please send back Peter to kill these Ananias and Sapphiras.The world wasn’t aware that the direct descendants of Ananias would be found in South Sudan, it’s a surprise!

Gold, silver, diamond, nickel and other minerals are mined and no trace of them is found by ordinary citizens. All their companies are managed by sons and daughters of the government officials.

You made our founding father dream of a city called Ramchiel and he revealed it when he was still alive. The development of this dreamt city is heard only during campaigns, but when the campaigns are over, it is forgotten. Instead of developing Ramchiel city, it’s the presidential villa which is at the fingertip now. I know you are annoyed and I know who has annoyed you.

You gave your full support to those who were liberating South Sudanese, but when they succeeded, they forgot about you. You told them to name their country South Sudan and make it part of East Africa, but 85% of the system is still Arabic. One good thing is that, Christians are more than Muslims, but nobody is sure this time round because our palace will soon look like that of the United Arab Emirates.

Let me tell you how oil is consumed in our country because frankness sometimes sets people free. Oil has been controlled under nice organisations known as Nilepet, GPOC, DAR Petroleum and many other funny names that you may know since you know what is hidden. Getting employed in these organisations is as hard as entering your Kingdom.

Let me unfold the real story dear God of Abraham, those working there are those related to the final man, I guess you know that final man, don’t you? Having a recommendation from him or one of his associates is a possession of a PhD itself, and hence, chances of the recommended person being employed are high.

No roads, bridges, hospitals, schools and employment, the rate of mortality and unemployment is still very high. No proper collection of garbage and no good drinking water. In fact, all the basic needs are unGoogleable!

You thought you blessed the people of Upper Nile region by giving them oil, but as we speak, they only smell oil, what they get are hazards of oil! The souls you receive in heaven having either one eye, leg or arm are people from Upper Nile region who suffer hazardous effects of oil and no enough compensation is entitled to them.

Not only that, every house has a canoe now because of flood waters, but another tragedy is just hanging on them. The Jonglei Canal you stopped years ago is resuming soon and leaders never feel pity for them. 

To conclude, nobody travels to Bahr el Ghazal region by land during the rainy season because of poor road infrastructure. Oil is flowing to China and the road is immobile, Chinese should have done such a great harm to Americans who bombarded them with an atomic bomb, not the innocent South Sudanese. Dear Jesus Christ, God and Holy Spirit, does it mean you have no solution to this situation! I ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba. He can be reached at or +211922332811

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