Only God knows when

By Ngor Khot Garang

If given a chance to choose between a better life and an average one, nobody will go for the latter not even the mad one. Everyone is in search of a better life with its amenities but only few are blessed to have this in the long run. Why? We may pause a little and ask ourselves? Why does life treat people differently?

And when we can’t find an answer to this question, it starts again. A lot of problems and stress but there is no need to feel that way. This life is temporary, it hurts to repeat it many times. Not something to joke with, we will all go one day. This simple fact that we will leave this place the same way we visited it should humble us more than anything in this world.

It should give us a  sense that one day God will say I need my life back and we will never fight back and none of us will be in position to run away from this trap not even the world’s richest people. 

However, there are times when money can be useless to an extent that it can’t save a departing soul. Even the kings and presidents who are the world’s most protected people have to go that way.  Tiny maggots that time will have the opportunity to feed on both classes, rich and poor alike.

This too should humble each one of us. We all need to be kind and reserve some patience. It costs no penny and it will never do you any harm to wish others well. When you are aware that there will come a time when God will never need us here, this should change the way you treat people and ultimately your perspective on life.

In Africa, there are men who have killed thousands of people and amassed public funds but these people will still die and be buried. This should tell us that we are not for this world, we are just passing through.  It will come like a dream, somebody will call and like a thunderbolt, so and so is no more. 

This is the same way it will happen to you when your efforts bear fruit. You certainly don’t know when that will happen and you are almost giving up. For the past five years, you have been playing your cards well and it has been one heart break after the other. The queue seems to be very long. You don’t understand why God is too busy to attend to your needs.

You urgently needs him in your life. Your problems are heaping up and there seems to be no light ahead of you. Day comes with their own disappointment and you are forced to pay the price.

You feel defeated and can’t figure out your position in life. You fight daily without conquering the enemy and God is telling you that you will win when you are surely losing. But I come with a different message. 

We are all in this battle. It is not an easy one but we will come through one day. It doesn’t have to be long and even if it does, we have to believe that God is in full control. He will make a way for each one of us. All that we have to do is wait for that time. It will take a great deal of patience and when we are willing to have faith, it is possible.

Remember, nothing lasts forever. Even some of the world’s greatest dictators will step down or one day the world will wake up to a sad news that so and so is dead or he has gone to receive punishments from the gods. This is a solemn reminder that every bad situation has an expiry date.

It is not completely bad with you now but this does not mean that you have done something wrong before or you are not a good person. It is not that way. You are okay and God has a plan for your life. You are loved and that love should start with you loving yourself.

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to talk with one of the young men. This boy touched my heart with his story of how he has been trying single-handedly to pick his broken pieces. He had no dad and his mum is just another reason why he should always work hard. He was in primary school four years ago, things have not been easy but he has been standing strong even when doing so was difficult.

There were times in his life when he could feel definitely lost and defeated. He has never been loved since he was a little child and if there was someone who has shown him love; it is his mother whose world hangs by a thread now. But this boy needs love from an extended family but he couldn’t find it.

That very day, he asked me if God was indeed a loving God because if he was one, he would have seen him in his pitiful situation. I was left speechless. I didn’t know how to answer this question. It was too powerful.

It even reminded me of my sad childhood and how the struggle has continued to be more demanding even today. But I told him that God really loves him and that is the reason why he is still alive even today.

 Sometimes we cannot really identity the existence of God when the circumstances are hard but I must confess. The proof that he cares is that we exist. Many people are losing their lives daily even people who have got money in abundance but we are still there at this very moment. This is a clear indicator that God is preparing something better for us and in the next five or ten years, nobody knows what will happen. It is God who knows and we must always be prepared for that day.

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