Activist urges state authorities to pay youth providing security along Gadiang highway

By Deng David Panchol A Jonglei based civil society activist demands state authorities to pay incentives for the youths who were employed to provide security to Africa Resource Construction Company (ARC), constructing Gadiang highway. Bol Deng Bol, the Chairperson of Jonglei Civil Society Network noted that 800 youths employed for[Read More…]

WES consultative workshop endorses cooperative federalism

By Gladys Kole A three days consultative and civic education workshop on federalization process in South Sudan concluded Thursday in Yambio town in Western Equatoria State with calls for transition to cooperative federalization system of governance. Participants at the just concluded workshop who expressed their views on the subject are fully in support and embraced the idea of cooperative way of[Read More…]

Police hold women accused of burning dozens of households in Aweil

By Hou Akot Hou Local authorities at Aulicu payam in Aweil Center County have put two women of Makuei Boma at Auluic payam in police custody for interrogation as they are being accused of allowing a fire to consume dozens of households last week.The payam administrator of Auluic payam, Deng Bul Deng said Tuesday that they have arrested the two women because[Read More…]